Keeping Patients Compliant

PocketECG CRS for cardiac rehabilitation monitoring is now available in the US and Europe, is expected to make a significant impact on patient compliance.

By offering greater flexibility and workout options, PocketECG CRS gives patients more opportunities to build rehabilitation into their daily lives, at hours and locations that are convenient for patients.

Patients are more likely to comply with their rehabilitation regimens, given the option of conducting their rehab sessions at the hospital, clinic, in their homes or even at local parks or walking paths, all while under the supervision of medical staff.

PocketECG CRS also makes it possible for physicians and patients to plan workout schedules, and for physicians to modify those plans remotely, without patients having to visit the hospital or doctor’s office.

The device measures a patient’s heart rate against previously set thresholds to guide workout intensity. The screen and voice commands instruct patients to increase or decrease training intensity based on heart rate and rhythm.

The system’s built-in accelerometer constantly measures a patient’s activity to correlate the intensity of training with HR and arrhythmia.

The training calendar can be remotely adjusted for each patient any time during the course of the rehabilitation schedule. After CR is completed, clinicians receive an extended CR report that summarizes all training sessions, highlights key ECG recordings (with arrhythmia detection) and heart rate analysis during physical activity and at rest.

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Copyright by Medicalgorithmics S.A.